Recently, when passing by a fitness class, I wondered, what makes us choose the colours we wear. Most of the time it can be a complete mix-up, but not always! I am sure we always wear a certain item of clothing for a reason. In CrossFit it is usually next to nothing, see this if your female and this if your male, but some of us (like my wife!) take a long time to consider what colour we wear. It is probably for good reason too.


An interesting website I found, empower yourself with color psychology, informs us of the power of non-verbal communication and what it says about us.


It would make sense that we wear different colours for different situations, like the fact that purple is always classy as it is linked to royalty. But let’s just think, why are our social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, all blue? Well blue is associated with communication, which is exactly what social media is. Clever eh?


Rather than list every colour and their meanings, lets whittle it down. Based on the colours mentioned in the above article on colour psychology, I have made a shortlist of Red, Green, Indigo, Grey, Silver, and Black. I have eradicated some as they would not have much meaning to us in exercise. So, let’s go through each one on its own.



I think of red and I think of Romans and love. If there was anyone who I wanted to be like as a kid, it was a Roman warrior (still is, I still haven’t bought that Roman Halloween costume yet!). Red is an extremely strong colour signifying strength, energy and passion. Maybe that is why Red Bull features two red bulls in their logo? Caffeine creates mental energy, yeah?

So how can we relate this to exercise?

I am going to use LesMills as an example. BodyPump is a strength building class. What colour goes best with strength? Red.

So if we are taking part in exercise that makes us want to feel and appear strong, wear red!! ( I will now make it a priority to buy red as my next t-shirt for training in).



Like red, green is very strong colour. Rather than energy and passion, green is all about life and nature and is strongly related to balance, growth and positive feelings.

So how can we relate this to exercise?

Look to wear green at any time you are relaxed or want to promote relaxed feelings. Think yoga or maybe pilates. Some classes may wear green in fight type classes. This is usually due to the link with the colours our army wears in combat to blend into the surrounding landscapes.



This is a colour commonly liked with meditation and relaxation. A common colour in psychic settings.

So how can we relate this to exercise?

If we are taking part in a class or activity that has a more sedate and relaxed feel such as Yoga or Tai Chi, consider wearing these colours.



I have included Grey as it is one I often wear (reading about it, maybe I shouldn’t!). It is a very neutral colour with some of the meanings being boring, conservative and lacking in energy. It is not all negative though. Intellect, knowledge and inner-wisdom are also symbolized (phew, that’s definitely me!).

So how can we relate this to exercise?

Well, if we are exercising in isolation, for example a gym workout, this may be the perfect colour us. So probably not the best colour choice for working out in a group.



It is said that people who wear silver are imaginative and creative. Silver is also strongly linked to feminine energy. Apparently it is also associated with respect and responsibility.

So how can we relate this to exercise?

You might want to avoid wearing silver to class if you are a male. If you are a female instructor, then this is definitely a good choice of colour.



Black is the secret, unknown and hidden. Think of funerals and we most likely think of black. It is a colour that allows us to hide away and not stand out. Expect conservative and serious individuals to be wearing black.

So how can we relate this to exercise?

Black would be the choice of colour if you are new and not feeling too confident. If you weren’t feeling particularly great about yourself, you may choose to wear this. Don’t use this as an excuse though, as just wearing a different colour will lift and lighten your mood.