Exercise Benefits of Beetroot

I have witnessed beetroot juice become more and more popular of the past couple of reasons and it is not just the latest health kick craze. There are actually quite a few studies behind its use for an increase in exercise performance, as well as general health.


Beetroot is a deep purple coloured vegetable most popularly bought pickled and sliced into a jar, although it can be cooked and eaten in a number of different ways. Continue reading “Exercise Benefits of Beetroot”


Smoothies for Your Health and Fitness

My wife was speaking to a fellow instructor the other day and had asked if I could do a piece on homemade smoothies, and what foods are best to put in them around times we exercise.

Smoothies are an excellent way of consuming food before and after we exercise as they are very easily digested and contain massive amounts of nutrients to allow our body’s to perform at their best. Continue reading “Smoothies for Your Health and Fitness”

Reduce Pain After Exercise In Just 10 Minutes

Many of us have seen that person moving around the ground in pain with a strange object under their body. What the hell is that all about anyway?


The object is called a “foam roller” because it rolls and it is made of foam (genius!). The technique is called self-myofascial release. And the point of it? To release tension and tightness of the muscles.


So does it work? and more importantly, is it worth the pain ( surely there’s pain, I mean look at that girls face in the above link)? Continue reading “Reduce Pain After Exercise In Just 10 Minutes”

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