Exercise Benefits of Beetroot

I have witnessed beetroot juice become more and more popular of the past couple of reasons and it is not just the latest health kick craze. There are actually quite a few studies behind its use for an increase in exercise performance, as well as general health.


Beetroot is a deep purple coloured vegetable most popularly bought pickled and sliced into a jar, although it can be cooked and eaten in a number of different ways. Continue reading “Exercise Benefits of Beetroot”


Should You Be Using Protein Shakes?

Oh man, where do I start with this one?


Protein supplements can either by bought already made up in a drinkable/edible form and can cost a small fortune, or can be bought as a powder which is much more affordable.


The current supplement industry is worth billions of pounds and is still growing as we all look for easier and more efficient ways of getting quality nutrition into our body’s. Protein supplements are by far the most common supplement bought by frequent exercisers.


But do we really need them? And what do they even do? (Apart from making us look like we know what we are doing!).

Continue reading “Should You Be Using Protein Shakes?”

Smoothies for Your Health and Fitness

My wife was speaking to a fellow instructor the other day and had asked if I could do a piece on homemade smoothies, and what foods are best to put in them around times we exercise.

Smoothies are an excellent way of consuming food before and after we exercise as they are very easily digested and contain massive amounts of nutrients to allow our body’s to perform at their best. Continue reading “Smoothies for Your Health and Fitness”

The 2-minute guide to basic hydration

Why do we need water and fluids?

Approximately 2/3rds of our body is made up of water, without it we wouldn’t survive.


What does is do for us?

Keeps joints lubricated and cushioned.

Keeps the body temperature normal.

Helps remove waste through sweat, bowel movements and urination.

Many, many others (just think how all these are important for you in exercise!!). Continue reading “The 2-minute guide to basic hydration”

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